Friday, January 25, 2013

Fabulous Friday: Learn How to Embroider

(I set blogger to post this yesterday at 8am. Wonder why it did not?) 

Embroidery is like painting with thread. Don't know where I heard or read that, but it is true. 

It can delight, frustrate, calm, relax, and allow one to express themselves in an age old medium. Ancient civilizations used embroidery on garments.

There are almost as many styles of embroidery as there are brands of threads and fabrics from which to choose.

There is basic embroidery that can be utilized to create simple 

 or elaborate works.

(Sorry, that's sideways)

 These are some I've stitched.

There is redwork, blackwork, and chicken scratch.

There's the whole 'nother category of Cross-stitch which can be counted or not.

Yeppers, stitched this one too.

And there's crewel embroidery that usually means using wool or wool-like yarn for your stitching.


It is always wonderful if you have someone to teach you - as my [Grand]Mama taught me. But, if not, there's a plethora of resources available!

Books are good - like any of the books written by Erica Wilson - THE Queen of Crewel Embroidery

Or by Jenny Hart - THE Queen of Embroidery's current revival!

I also like online tutorials.

My pal Wendi Gratz is on a mission to teach everyone how to sew but takes time to add embroidery to the fun!

Stop in next Fabulous Friday, February (already!?) 1st 
for some more resources, tips and 
some vintage patterns!!!

Have a Fabulous Friday and Weekend! 

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