Friday, October 8, 2010

Finish It Friday

Oh Yay!!!
It's Friday.
The air is cooler!
Football Season is in!
The Braves made the Post-Season playoffs.
Life is pretty dern good.
I have been finishing projects this week.
Apron Swap #1- Forest Friends
It's a wonky Owl.

The darlin Apron I received:
Lots of cute owls!
Who on earth is that? 
And why is he wearing my apron?!

Halloween Tote Bag Swap
What I sent:
 The outside before I sewed it up.
The insides before I sewed it up.
2 pockets - oh yeah.
Why don't I have a picture of the completed bag and all the goodies? 
I do not know.

What I received:
Look at this cute bag and all the goodies!!!

Apron Swap #2 - Halloween
What I sent:
Closer on the pocket

A sneak peak at what I am working on.
It's a super secret Color Challenge!
Can't wait to show you what I made.

What are you finishing this week?
(Thank you to my sweet BillHubby for modeling for me!!)
No owls were harmed in the making of these aprons or blog.


  1. Cute aprons, Becky! Go Braves! And noticed Bill's also sporting a South Carolina t-shirt - Game Cocks fans by chance? Have a great weekend:)

  2. Cindy, thank you and yes, Go Braves! But what you accused Bill of wearing - well, them's fightin words!!!!! He is wearing a University of North Carolina shirt! And as a Clempzin Tiger I deeply do not like those stinky gamecocks!

    ;) But I still love you!

    Thanks Tonya - wait'll you see what I made today for the super secret color challenge!

  3. Love all the Halloween stuff! You totally scored and Mr. Bill, well he looks just darlin'!


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