Monday, December 14, 2009

Secret Santa Rocks my world!!!!

Lord Have Mercy!

Or as the kids say - OMG! 

I am participating in the Secret Santa Soiree. 

My package arrived and I am completely blown away by the wonderfulness and generousness of my Secret Santa!  There was a monetary limit on this swap.  I think my Secret friend must be a bargain shopper of the highest caliber.

Some cherry-flavored hard candies in a festive container.

I love Santa stuff!  A package of paper hand towels - perfect for our guest bath!

An absolutely, positively beautiful hand towel.

Did my Secret Santa do this work herself?

Secret Santa was paying attention!  I love purple!  I love violets!  I've said so here.

But, I never mentioned that purple pansies are a close second favorite but she figured it out!   Isn't the plate just lovely?!

I also love snow and snowmen stuff.

Look at that precious mug with a saucer/lid for my occasional coffee and frequent hot chocolates while I surf the interwebs.

 Add a sweet note and the cutest little, decorated with purple flowers, stacking heart shaped box set with a fairy on top-

all beautifully wrapped with bonus ornaments decorating the packages and I feel very, very, very special!

Thank you Secret Santa!

Thank you Amy and Georgia for co-ordinating the 104 of us in this Soiree!


  1. Goodness Gracious!!!! You had a wonderful SS!!! I am in awe at all the stuff she sent you!

  2. How generous and thoughtful! Great SS gifts!

  3. just out making the SSS rounds with a friendly reminder that today is the SSS shipping date and to remind everyone to please email us your DC#

    also if you have not already please link up on the linky(I think you have-my brain is fried today LOL)

  4. Very cool!! Your santa is awesome!!

  5. holy stink! you got lotta loot! What a great SSS!

  6. Making the rounds to wish you a Merry Christmas!

  7. Becky, are you my Secret Santa? I see you are from NC...


  8. Hi Becky:
    I left you a long comment on your newer post, but then my aol lost connection right as I hit "post comment" so I don't think it posted.
    I wanted to reveal to you that I am your Secret Santa!!!
    I had the package sealed up and ready to go and forgot to put a Christmas card in the box. So I will just tell you "Merry Christmas"
    PS I hope you had fun with the Secret Santa Soiree....I sure did.

  9. Hi Becky,I received your wonderful gift today.It is wonderful.All the beautiful handmade items,the Starbucks coffee and the delightful candy and very thoughtful card.Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


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