Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vintage thingies Thursday - more violets!

Gads! where does time go!?!

Been busy busy so I'll be quick here.

More violets -  

Hanging in the bathroom.  No clue what pattern or company.  Just bought 'em cause I like 'em.

I cross-stitched this back in 1980. Finally put the pillow together with some vintage damask like cotton about 10 years ago.

This last violet isn't vintage  - yet!
It's a tattoo on my Katharine's foot.  In honor of my fav flower!  That's love!

Quick peek at what I've been doing this week -

Pulled out my Trusty Sunbeam ($10 at a yardsale!!) and GrandMa Porter's cake pan

and baked a Molasses cake!

And I've been playing with fabric and applique


Do you see a turkey?

2 or 5 acorns? Which do you like better?

Now scoot over to Suzanne's ColoradoLady blog and see all the Vintage Thingys!


  1. Before I forget, I love your little Becky icon. So cute. I cannot believe you got that Sunbeam mixer for $10! That's crazy!

    On the acorns....don't get mad...I vote for 3. But that's just me.

  2. I love these flowers too, and love the applique you are working on...very pretty!

    Have a great VTT

  3. Your sunbeam looks like the one I got at my last auction. I just love your violet plates!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  4. Oh I love the floral theme you had going..even the tat...NICE!

    I LOVE Suzannes VTT! and i so enjoyed yours!

    we are so gla you are joining us for the SSS I have sent your Q&A on its way to you please fill it out as soon as you can...

  5. The violet plates are so pretty. And I like two acorns best.

  6. Becky, how did I miss you on VTT! Very lovely plates. And it looks like you are going to be busy sewing :-)


  7. That sunbeam is so cool! I love that!

  8. your cake looks yummy! i think i like the 5 acorns the best :) have a great week!

  9. a violet tattoo, that is so sweet! it's one of my favorite flowers. :)


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