Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vintage Thingys Thursday and Contest Winners

Hey Folks!  It's Thursday already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In one week I'll be an antique!  heehee  Thanks for all the advance Birthday wishes.

By the way, what makes something vintage?  I know with cars those have to be at least 25 years old.  What about all our thingys?  Is 25 years old the minimum?   Wow, if that's the case my Yearbooks have been vintage for at least 7 years.  And my son will be vintage next month.

This shelf  hangs in our narrow little kitchen.  It has lots of vintage thingys on it. On that top shelf is a Barbie thermos just like the one I had way back when.  The Esslinger Premium Beer platter is one of many that Bill has picked up as we wander through junky antique stores.  (We don't even bother with the high falootin' stores!)  The coffee pot is one I smuggled out of my great grandparents house ages ago.  It works too.  Don't worry - no one was living there so no one missed it ;)
The second shelf holds a few of  wooden blocks from my little girlhood.  Can't see 'em all but there's a "J" for Jordan, a "K" for Katharine, one with a chicken and one with a TV on it. 
The platter is from a full set of china that Bill and I bought about the time we got married 3 years ago.  It screams Atomic!!!!  It's Cathay by Taylor Stone Taylor.  We picked up full service - dinner plates, bread/dessert plates, coffee cups, saucers - for 8, PLUS the platter and a big serving bowl AND a sugar bowl w/lid and a creamer.  Guess how much?    $22!!!!!!!!!!  Ah-mazing!
The picture (which I need to scan so you can see it better) is one of me, my [Grand]Mama, my Mom and Mama's Mother.  4 generations of Campbell - Walker women!  The mat in the frame is a scrap of the first wallpaper in our home's kitchen.  It's Woodmont by Waverly.
Mom and Dad moved in 50 years ago last August.  Mom is still there!  Pack-rat that she is, she had a roll and part of a roll of that wallpaper left which she kindly gave to me.  I cried when she changed it in the 70's.
Last on that shelf is an old fashioned knuckle buster grater.  I think that's my newer one rather than my vintage one.
That's a lot in one pic huh?
Two quick announcements!
1. The Random Generator chose # 3 and # 4 as winners of  the  business card give away. 
Congrats to Michelle of  Pink Dragonfly & Ronit of Two Hippos 
2. Will and Jennifer called late this afternoon.  Our Grandbaby, due in Jaunary............

(Just in case you wondered, Will is Bills' oldest child.  Bill also has a daughter, Megan.  My oldest is Jordan and Katharine is the baby.  Oddly enough their actual birth order is Will, Megan, Jordan, Kat!)
For more fun Vintage Thingys scoot over to ColoradoLady Suzanne's blog to find more linkys.
It's just after midnight and I can't decide if I'm going to start a new project now or go to bed........................


  1. Love that barbie thermos. And the pinky shelf color is amazing..Love people who are not afraid of color.

  2. Hey Becky,
    You had a lot to share today, girl! Fun stuff!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  3. I am loving that Barbie Thermos! How stinking cool is that! I missed out on VTT today, I'm sad, but I just couldn't get something together for it this week.

  4. Your Barbie thermos is really cool!

  5. I think if things have stopped being used, and are now retro, they are also vintage - - - but what in this wide world do I know???

  6. What fun things you have to share. I love that platter, and the pattern, that atomic designs is really the rage right now...I am sure you could get a pretty penny for that set...but if you are like cigar..not for sale! Have a great VTT and a wonderful weekend.

  7. A Barbie thermos wow! Like you I struggle to figure out what is vintage, retro & antique! I think I am now antique,LOL!

  8. Great kitchen the Barbie Thermos.


  9. congratulations on the news of your grandaughter! how exciting!

  10. i love vintage stuff too... but it's not easy to find. :-) love reading ur post... u are so cheerful all the time !

  11. Loved the whole plethora of Vintage!!! isn't it amazing that our "kid-stuff" is now being accused of "Vintage" and "Retro",,,the nerve of these things to age when we have remained so young...tee hee

    loved the long post!


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