Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday and a Give Away

As I said earlier - I love September for many reasons!

It's National Sewing Month!
It's my Birthday month - I'll be 50!
It's my daughter Katharine's Birthday month - she'll be 22!
It's College Football kick-Off Month! Go Tigers! Go Demon Deacons!
It's cooler!
It's Fall!
It's time for another GiveAway! Check it out!

Now for somethingys Vintage.

I've shown you things from my Mom's Dad's family and home place. So here's a bit from Mom's Mother's history. We all called her "Mama."

This is the Church her family attended. It was a "Circuit Church" meaning one Pastor was assigned to Moss Chapel and at least 2 other congregations. He would have services at each place on a rotating basis. Believe it or not there are still several Methodist Churches on circuits, including Mama's church.

Isn't it sweet?

I remember attending a Christmas service there with my family and Mama and her sisters and all the uncles and cousins who were nearby. Twas COLD!! with one wood stove up front. The Pastor asked for all the children to come forward to sing "Away in a Manger." Mama shoved me out in the aisle. Couldn't hide - wished I could be invisible - didn't know a soul there but family - managed to sing and not die. Mama was so proud! I didn't understand til I had my own children :)

The building and grounds have been updated since I was a little girl. They have heat and air conditioning now! Anyone else remember those fans on a stick that we used way back when? And other modern conveniences have been added too....

His AND Hers! Mama didn't get to see these being added but I am sure she would have had more than a few jokes and "true" stories to tell about such places.

It's Homecoming this week at Moss Chapel. Mom is going and we are wishing we could join her and Mama's one remaining sister and all the cousins. The food is always wonderful!!!!

And there's always a stroll through the cemetery where I learn more about our ancestors.

Have I mentioned we are pack rats? Yeah, I know, I have. Here are the Barbie cloths that Mama helped me sew. She taught me how to sew by hand way before I was allowed to think about even looking at a sewing machine!

Poor Barbie would look like a sad bag lady if I were to dress her in these now.

Thanks for stopping by. I know I was late posting VTT today but just in case you haven't looked yet - go over to our dear hostess, Suzanne's site, Coloradolady, and check out all the other Vintage Thingys!

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  1. What a sweet little church. I just love it, it is so charming sitting in the pines. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Becky,
    How have you been? I just became a follower so I can keep up with you more. Your post brought back memories of the clothes I sewed by hand for my Barbie. I totally forgot about it til now.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  3. Happy Birthday to YOU! Hope it's fabulous and you have many more.
    My Grandfather was a circuit rider preacher and I well remember going with him each Sunday to a different church, a different congregation. Sometimes he'd be paid in eggs or a chicken or even money...what a good day that would be!
    Lovely memories and a wonderful heritage.

  4. happy early birthday...I made this for my dad for his 50th, but consider it an electronic one for you too! lol (click the link)

  5. Hi, Becky, and thanks for stopping by!

    It's not so much "patient" as "cheap"-- I splurged on buying silk, which I've never sewn on before, and really don't want to blow fabric that cost over $10 a yard (which is a LOT for my inner thrift-store junkie/starving musician) on a pattern that isn't going to look good or fit well on me! But if I have to be the single older sister of the groom, I'm going to look good doing it, darnit!!

    And BWOF is bloggy shorthand for Burda World of Fashion magazine. Though I think they've switched to just Burda as of the last issue...recently formed habits die hard, I guess.

    That church is really cute. And happy almost-birthday!

    -the other Becky ;)

  6. What a darling church. I grew up going to one pretty much like it. Right down to the outhouses! We also have Homecoming once a year. Sure brings back memories.

  7. that church is just so charming. my mom's got a little suitcase full of my old barbie clothes!


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