Monday, May 11, 2009

Wear Your Apron Day Giveaway WINNER!!!

Thank you all for reading and commenting and making my life better each and every day!

I walked around the house looking for an appropriate vessel from which to draw your names

Apron Day names

This little vintage pitcher? Apron Day pitcher

Honeycomb cookie jar? Apron Day honeycomb jar
Naw, sometimes we actually have cookies!

Hmmm, that Coffee Pot has potential Apron Day coffee pot

Aunt Royce's Handmade Candy Dish? Apron Day MM dish

Might work but I'd have to eat all the M&Ms now - which would taste good til my tummy started hurting.........

AH HA! Apron Day Martini Shaker

Shaken, not stirred! Apron Day Shaken

And the Winner is! Duh tuh duh duh!
Apron Day winner

Holler! I'm betting Steph picks the chickens!

Thanks again for stopping by. I'll have another drawing soon! It will be to help me announce the Grand Opening of my shop!


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