Sunday, May 17, 2009

Music! Music! Music!

I am one super dooper proud Mama!!!

My Boy, Jordan, and his pals started a band in our basement their Senior year at Chapel Hill High. 100 Yorktown has had a few personnel changes and 3 (yes 3!) Final concerts.

The guys have worked so hard on their craft. Now it is beginning to pay off! In addition to their moms, dads, sisters & brothers (collectively known as 50 Yorktown) and their long time friends, 100 Yorktown now has a genuine fan base!

This fan base turned out last Thursday night in Raleigh to set a record for Thursday night attendance at Deep South The Bar. (Thanks for having us. We all had a blast!)

But the best part - the guys won a gig at Raleigh (NC) Downtown Live series!!!!! They are on the same bill as big time recording artist Filter! It's a free show too.

Also making me very proud is the fact that 100 Yorktown is playing Sunday, May 24th at Raleigh's The Pour House for The Eve Carson Memorial Fund. You can hear some great music and support a worthy cause all at once!

In proud honor of the accomplishments of Jordan and 100 Yorktown I have installed a music playing gizmo. It features a new 100 Yorktown song and songs by a few of their musical influencers and some of my favorite local bands. All these bands are from North Carolina! The music player is waaaaayyy down at the bottom of this page and takes a minute to load and then play!


Hope to see you in Raleigh soon!



  1. Thank you so much for coming by and marking me as a favorite. I will have to visit you again when the link to your sons band is back up :) I can't wait to hear him... sounds like they are really on the right track... I am sure your so proud of him. I would be too :)
    Please visit often always something going on the blog - o - roonie :)

  2. What kind of music do they play?

  3. There is a music player thingy waaaaay down at the bottom of this page. Seems to take a minute to warm up. Or you can click on 100 Yorktown in the first paragraph. Unless the guys are tweaking their site it should pop up and play music for your entertainment.

    ;) Crank it up!


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